Protecting Your Company’s IP from Being Used by Your Ex-employees ~ with Dan Cotman

In Business Wellness, Happy Employees, Podcast by Geoff Johansing / December 8, 2017

An interview with Dan Cotman on how to protect your company’s proprietary information from being used by your ex-employees. In this Happy Employees Video, Geoff Johansing is speaking with Dan Cotman, founder of Cotman IP, a law firm in Pasadena that specializes in intellectual property. As we all strive to have happy employees, sometimes things …

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Happy Employees

In Business Wellness, Happy Employees by Geoff Johansing / November 10, 2017

The more I speak to others about the impact of happy employees, the more I am convinced this is a great undertaking that reaps great rewards. I was at a restaurant where the service was wonderful, the employees were engaged and continually making sure we were good.  I asked our waitress why she was so …

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Happy Employees in the Workplace ~ with Cindy Flynn

In Business Wellness, Happy Employees, Podcast by Geoff Johansing / October 27, 2017

An interview with Cindy Flynn on happy employees in the workplace. Cindy Flynn (Hackler, Flynn & Associates) speaks with Geoff Johansing about how happy employees in the workplace can be obtained. Ensuring an employee is a good fit for a company helps create a happier employee in the workplace. It’s very valuable to put a …

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