It is amazing to me how many business owners and managers I encounter that realize the power behind a truly happy employee. It is just as amazing to me how few people really focus on making this a reality. If you have not thought about the impact your employees’ attitude has on your company, I suggest you do this. Going through the RiskScore process is a simple way for a company to identify areas they may need to focus on to enhance employee happiness.

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RiskScore first evaluates your pre-employment process. Do you have clear job descriptions and expectations? What is your screening process like? Second, it looks at your post offer process. What is your training system? Do you have a training system? How do you continue to improve and train your employees? Third, it lets you know if management knows what to do when a claim happens. It also analyzes your safety prevention program. Finally, RiskScore examines a company’s post claim process. Does your team know what to do after a claim occurs?

There are many ways to develop a happy workforce. RiskScore allows you to easily analyze how you are performing in various areas as an organization. With this assessment completed by upper management, a playbook is then created. This playbook identifies who, what and when actionable items will be tackled.

Please reach out to me to set up a RiskScore assessment for your team. My big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) is to have my clients performing at their best with happy employees.


What impact does this have on YOU and your company?

Let’s talk about steps you can take TODAY to make your employees happier, minimize risk, and run a more profitable business.