Reporting of small medical only or first aid claims

The Insurance Commissioner of California has approved an amendment requiring all employers to report small medical or first aid claims to their carrier who is required to submit them on the Uniform Statistical Report. The Commissioner and the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) have put this ruling into effect for all policy holders. Although the two parties have required this for decades there has not been a real push by the carriers to get this information from employers. A first aid claim is one in which the only cost is for medical treatment and no indemnity is incurred. This amendment includes those incidents in which the employer pays for the medical costs.

Executive Officers, Partners, Individual Employers and Members of an LLC

Individuals falling into the above categories must own at least 15% of the issued or outstanding stock to be excluded from workers’ compensation coverage. There is also a waiver that needs to be completed and returned to the employer’s carrier. The maximum annual payroll amount that is subject to those owners with less than 15% for 2017 is $122,200. There is a minimum amount also but is does not apply to all employee classifications.

Classification Code Changes

Several additions and deletions have also been made to the employee classification list.

Below is a more in-depth guide from the WCIRB on some of the changes made in 2017.

2017 WCIRB Quick Reference Guide


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