As a kid, I recall stories of insuring Barbra Streisand’s nose and Neil Diamond’s voice. Growing up with a father that is a third generation insurance professional exposed me to many fun nuances of insurance at a young age. Insurance fascinated me then and to this day it still does. I truly love being an insurance professional. Officially it began for me in 1994 when I worked in the accounting department for Cass and Johansing. As my life and career progressed, I found I loved being an Insurance professional. I am committed to sharing my knowledge of insurance intricacies while genuinely interacting with people and protecting their businesses. It’s how I grow professionally, as well as personally, and it’s what motivates me on a daily basis

In 1999 I went to The Hartford School of Insurance in Connecticut and became a licensed insurance agent and soon after received the Certified Insurance Counselor accreditation. Working beside my father and grandfather, I developed a sense of the enormous responsibility it is navigating people through various business issues. I understood insurance policies and could guide others through it, providing clear insight of the complexity of insurance with options to protect what’s important to them. The challenge that motivates me is finding a balance of a fair price and sound coverage for each client.

Cass and Johansing partnered with Insurance Office of America in 2012, expanding our team of wonderful insurance professionals while expanding our wealth of insurance knowledge. This amazing partnership offers you resources from of one of the country’s largest agencies and the attention of a local broker. We take time to learn about your business, where you want to take it and figure out how we can assist you in getting there. Our goal is to help you attain your goal

As your broker, we set up a personalized program for your business that applies and works for you. We will be clear and thorough when helping you understand your coverages, limits and exposures. Then we take our findings and present your business and insurance needs to the appropriate carriers. We show you in a different light to the carriers through our approach which potentially adds more options and comprehensive coverage along with a more aggressively priced policy. Just as we present your business at its best for ultimate coverage and price, we will always present our best selves, services and options to you.

Our team handles all lines of property and casualty coverage. The clients we serve range from manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, healthcare, professional services and non-profit entities. My specialty is workers compensation and we also have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of many diverse businesses insurance coverages. Geoff Johansing - Risk Advisor TeamIOA does operate as a team and agents often collaborate with others.

When I’m not at work, I love watching my daughter’s play soccer. Sometimes I’m the referee and sometimes I’m the excited dad on the sidelines. Yoga, biking, fly fishing, camping and cooking are also some of my favorite things. When my family is doing these things together, it’s even better. I never forget how lucky I am to have a career in an industry I truly enjoy. I thank the generations of my family before me who instilled great work ethics, commitment, challenge as a positive, and faith in life bigger than myself. This makes for an incredible, well rounded, happy life. I was fortunate to have worked with my grandfather, as he was with his father, who started Cass and Johansing in 1915. It’s an honor to still work with my father side-by-side every day. My ten year old daughter asked, “Dad, how do you sell insurance?” Maybe she’ll be the fifth generation Johansing in our insurance firm to pass along knowledge from generations past and instill the love of insurance.