Happy employees are an important part of your company’s success. They advance your mission while minimizing your exposure to risk. Unhappy or disgruntled employees, on the other hand, can cause damage and cost you money. Hiring the right people is the first step to having a team of happy, engaged employees. Here’s a look at how to hire happy employees and the benefits you’ll see once you bring them on board.

Follow these best practices to find talented candidates who align with your company’s mission.

1. Write clear job postings

Clear, specific job postings set expectations for your ideal candidate and weed out anyone who might not be up to the required tasks.

2. Conduct adequate background research

Conduct background and reference checks as the first line of defense against any potential issues.

3. Ensure a good cultural fit

Look beyond skills, experience, and qualifications to find candidates who align with the “Why” of your organization.

4. Use personality testing

Third-party integrity testing or personality testing can help you see how a candidate might respond to various situations in your workplace. It’s also a chance to gauge written communication skills and observe how people work under pressure.

5. Consult multiple team members

An unhappy employee can make life miserable for coworkers and result in increased turnover. During the interview process, seek input from five or six people who would work closely with the candidate.


Our friend Cindy Flynn of law firm Hacker, Flynn & Associates suggests, “Hire slow and fire fast.” It might take a bit longer to find employees that are a good fit for your company, but it’s well worth the effort. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll see when you hire the right people for your organization.

1. Priceless word-of-mouth marketing and talent recruiting

Happy employees spread the word about your products and services, improving your bottom line because they believe in what you do. They also tell others what a great employer you are, which attracts even more happy employees to fuel your cycle of success.

2. Enhanced customer service

When your team is happy, they will naturally work harder to serve and satisfy your customers. It’s a bit like shopping at your neighborhood boutique grocery store compared to a big box chain. When your team feels valued, they’ll take better care of your customers.

3. Reduced turnover and training expenses

Consider how much money and time you spend on talent recruiting, onboarding and training. The more employees you can retain, the lower your costs will be in these areas.

4. Access to better insurance products

Workplaces with happy employees have fewer claims on their property, casualty, and workers’ compensation insurance policies. They tend to have fewer injuries and fewer lawsuits because people look out for each other and they’re less likely to take advantage of their employer. As a result, employers have access to better insurance products that are more competitively priced. They often have better safety and risk control programs, and better claims management too.

The Risk Advisor Team is on a mission to help your business thrive, and we know Happy Employees are a key component of that. Contact us any time to discuss how we can support your business goals.

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References: For more information on hiring Happy Employees, see my full interview with Cindy Flynn of law firm Hacker, Flynn & Associates: Happy Employees in the Workplace.


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