Introducing your Risk Advisor Team’s brand new website, blog and newsletter!   You’ll find tools to keep you on the pulse of insurance industry changes.  We hope you’ll consider our site an easy and reliable resource for insurance coverage, ideas and concepts.

Insurance programs are like a “puzzle”.  Each piece of the puzzle varies depending on the characteristics of your organization.  We’d like to help you fit the right pieces into place to minimize your risk.  Our Risk Advisor Team will help make your complex insurance puzzle… simple.  Having over one hundred years of client interactions, we’ve found a surprising number of people do not understand their insurance.  Our belief is that you should know what insurance you’re buying along with any nuances of your policies and carriers.

As an example, some insurance is required by law, by contract and/or simply to protect the insured.  Do you believe you have an exposure regarding liability insurance?  Many people we’ve spoken to don’t believe they do.  Your greatest exposure is being accused of something that may or may not have occurred.  Therefore, you may be forced to defend your organization in court.  Legal fees can be more costly than the insurance premiums required to cover the same exposure.  We can clarify the many reasons to have insurance in place… if for nothing more than peace of mind knowing you’re prepared and your business is protected.

Each one of us on the Risk Advisor Team personally aspires to our clients having 100% confidence in us 100% of the time.  Simply put: it’s our desire to be your insurance advocate, trusted advisor and dedicated agent.  We will help you fully comprehend your insurance options.  Please reach out to us anytime.  Your Risk Advisor Team is here to help!



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