How Defining a Clear Direction For Your Company Creates Happy Employees ~ with Tom Reynolds

In Business Wellness, Happy Employees, Podcast by Geoff Johansing / March 7, 2018

An interview with Tom Reynolds on how defining a clear direction for your company creates happy employees. A key to happy employees is defining a clear direction for your company. When you have a company, you need to have a plan. A big strategic plan. What you need to do is carve it down to …

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Your Risk Advisor Team Launches a New Website

In Business Wellness, Cost Containment, Customer Testimonials, Insurance 101 by Geoff Johansing / November 10, 2016

Introducing your Risk Advisor Team’s brand new website, blog and newsletter!   You’ll find tools to keep you on the pulse of insurance industry changes.  We hope you’ll consider our site an easy and reliable resource for insurance coverage, ideas and concepts. Insurance programs are like a “puzzle”.  Each piece of the puzzle varies depending on …

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The History of Insurance

In Insurance 101 by Geoff Johansing / October 21, 2016

Some sources on the history of insurance believe it originated in the 3rd millennium BC in China. Chinese merchants would put their wares in several ships instead of just one so if one ship sank all of their wares would not be lost. This practice was used on the rough rivers traveled by the merchants …

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Workers’ Compensation Basics

In Insurance 101 by Geoff Johansing / October 3, 2016

Insurance can be very confusing. Knowing what policy covers what exposure can be overwhelming. I would like to provide a simple explanations to the various types of Insurance coverage companies may have. Insurance is like a puzzle and policies are written to cover specific types of exposures. You need to make sure you are not …

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